ELM «Weekend Rescue»


EP – Released September 9th 2011

Elm is a treepieceproject that plays playful and epic rock. The name is the frontletters of guitarplayer Edvardsen, bassplayer Lowzow and the drummer Mortensen.

“Weekend Rescue” contains the Rocksong “I got the wow wow”, and two more epic tunes with improvisional elements: “Wintercoat” and “Dispenser”. Edvardsens guitar changes between melodious riffs and solos, hard and on fire as only elm can burn. Mortensens characteristic vocal sticks to your brain in “I got the wow wow”. Bass and drums has a beautiful and organic chemistry which takes you through groovepumping and improvisational parts.

Drums, bass, guitar are recorded live at Lillehammer University College by Erik Sutterud. Vocals are recorded in the studio of Lars Flateby. Mix and mastering are done by Lars Flateby & ELM.