Barkjuk «barkjuk»

Ep – 3 alluring tunes – Released February 22nd 2014

Barkjuk was established in 2003. Their music draws inspiration from several genres, ranging from Nordic folk music to jazz and improvization.

The band members are Jan Inge Moksnes on clarinet, Sigrid Inderberg on flute, Roar Grindheim on guitar, Simen G. Husmoen on tuba and Inga R. Johansen on drums. The unusual band setting gives Barkjuk a special sound. Together with the versatile music this makes for a unique and flexible band. The ensembe works well in different live settings, from larger concert venues to intimate café settings and acoustic church concerts.

Barkjuk is originally from Trondheim, and have toured substantially in Norway and China.